DarkServ-Network Team

Welcome to our website, this is a Friendly Network created by friends.
We are a highly professional team.
Do you want to be a part of it ,lett us know?
Everything we have we have to thank DarkServ-Network you want us ,come and join us.

It is a pleasure to count on your help and commitment, we are waiting for you.



We have talking about it and place it later.


The ZNC Service is really good with good uptime and the possibility of multiple servers.


You can create your own ircd server and we will help you set it up and you can join DarkServ-Network.


They have good uptime.


Become Opper/Helper!
You could be a part of darkserv-network (be trustfull ,help where people need it)
Your Reward
1) Become an IRC oper and staff on DarkServ-Network
2) Hang out with friends while improving DarkServ-Network
3) Add a new work experience for your CV/resume
How to Apply
Request a ZNC account
1) Connect to it as much you can.
2) Learn how to ask smart questions.
3) Take the time to learn Ngircd.
Your Duties
1) Commit to help your team as much you can!
2) After joining the team, commit to help and make DarkServ-Network.
3) You must be willing to help with customer support.


ZNC is an "IRC bouncer" with which you will always be present in your IRC channels, and you will not miss any conversation.
IRC channels are still a good option to participate, ask questions or meet with many communities. This medium is commonly used by many free software projects to discuss, contact, communicate and help each other in certain tasks.
If you have ever used an IRC channel, you will see that some users are permanently connected to the channel, no matter what time it is. Does that mean that they are permanently sitting in front of their computer? The answer is: no. But they are "reading" everything that is going on.
Many users who use IRC, what they do is connect to an "IRC Bouncer" or IRC bouncer. This is nothing more than software installed on a server that "reads and stores" for us what happens in the channels we connect to.


Ngircd is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server. It connects IRC clients (like hexchat, irssi, etc.) and transfers messages between them.
We will help you set up your own ircd server to communicate with your friends you have your own network, you never want to be a network operator or administrator because in our server you can create it and be part of a great community.


We offer a Eggdrop's, ZNC and later on VPS / Shells always connected.
Just join our irc channel #DarkServ-Network and ask for more information, we will be happy to help you.

To Contact us send us an email to Staff or connect to irc on our server irc.darkserv.network port 6667 in the #DarkServ-Network channel.

Contact us at


Network administrator and network operating systems Linux (centos, debian, ubuntu, openbsd, freebds...)

Network Administrator (linux, bsd, aix hpux, solaris) Certified unix systems specialist. I am currently working as a linux Vps Server Administrator.

Network administrator and network operating systems

Network administrator and network operating systems

Founder Darkserv-Network Network administrator and network operating systems

Network administrator and network operating systems

Network administrator and network operating systems

About Us

We are IRC and free software lovers, so we have at your disposal several services and trainings for you to get a vps for your stuff and be part of our team.

We provide ZNC, VPS,
Coming soon Eggdrop, Shell, Email, Web Hosting...

We are a friendly community of many nationalities.

Want to join us? Join our irc channel #DarkServ-Network irc.darkserv.network Port 6667.

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